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April 14, 2010

Software could save NHS nearly £52m in Absenteeism Costs – recent press release

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With absenteeism in the NHS currently running at almost double that of the private sector, bosses have indentified this as a key route to achieve significant savings in the next 2 years.

NHS initiatives such as giving staff access to physiotherapy and counsellors to tackle back injuries and stress – both common problems in the health service – are part of a package of solutions designed to achieve this target. Whilst these measures help tackle the advancecd symptoms of work-related ill-health, they are expensive to provide, time-consuming, and poorly suited to cost-effective prevention and early intervention.

With some 212,000 managers and administrators currently employed by the NHS, the vast majority spending significant time working at computers, the cost of sickness absences due to computer-related back pain could be as high £51.9m. Other health conditions such as RSI, neck pain and headaches add to this, whilst the cost of poor productivity due to staff pain and discomfort whilst at work is estimated to be many times higher still.

PostureMinder is the leading solution to combat absences and lost productivity caused by back pain, RSI and other office-related health problems.

Dr Philip Worthington, creator of PostureMinder, commented: “until now there has been no cost-effective solution to address office back pain on a day to day basis. PostureMinder software promotes positive and sustainable changes of habits among computer users. By providing your staff with PostureMinder you will empower them to work in a healthy, sustainable and efficient manner to achieve maximum productivity and protect against absences.

“PostureMinder works because it helps employees take personal ownership of their wellbeing at work, giving them practical ways to improve posture and working habits to prevent fatigue, discomfort and injury. It protects employers from staff absences, lost productivity and compensation claims.”


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