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May 14, 2008

CBI/Axa sickness absence figures…

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The annual CBI/Axa sickness absence survey for the UK is just out, and shows a very small reduction in the number of sick days taken by UK workers:

The CBI press release

The Guardian

Probably the key quote from my point of view is: “Long-term absence (20 days or more) also continued to be a serious concern for firms. Although only 5% of absence spells became long-term, they accounted for a massive 40% of all time lost, costing £5.3bn. Long-term absence accounted for half (50%) of all time lost in the public sector, but under a third (31%) in the private sector.”

Long-term absences like this are overwhelmingly due to musculoskeletal disorders and stress. Taking early action to stop aches, pains and short-term absences turning into long-term sick leave has to be a priority, as Dame Carol Black’s recent review also highlights.

Prevention or early intervention with PostureMinder will really help on this front – at the first complaint of back, neck or shoulder pain, RSI or other aches and pains, install our simple software and advise the user to follow its advice closely (more importantly, give them the permission and support to take regular short breaks – don’t scowl at them when they do so!) Set all of PostureMinder’s settings to help them really focus on their health for a few weeks (e.g. fast posture reminders, short times between breaks etc. – the user can back these off later once they’ve felt some initial benefits)


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